Limassol is a lovely holiday destination with all-year-around sun. During Summer the temperature is over 31°C and in the winter in hardly drops below 15°C.

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The weather at Limassol is great for expoling Cyprus, relaxing at the beach, enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Limassol. Limasso weather is also perfect for outdoor sports like watersports, biking, kitesurfing and even snowboarding at Troodos mountains during the Winter.

Limassol weather and climate

The figure below shows the average daytime temperature at Limassol throughout the year. Summer is very hot with daytime temperature always above 30°C. Maximum temperature during thes Summer months of July and August is 35-40°C. Winter is pretty warm with temperature usually above 15°C. Nevertheless, in December and January you can find snow and low temperatures at Troodos mountains. In January, it takes only 30 minutes to travel from the sunny and warm coast of Limassol to the snowcovered mountains of Troodos. It's amazing.

Temperature at Limassol for each month of the year
Figure: The chart shows the average temperature during daytime for every month

The chart above shows the average temperature in Limassol by month. The maximum daytime temperature (usually around 3 o'clock in the afternoon) is about 5-8 degrees higher.

Limassol weather by month

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One thing is for sure. The weather in Limassol is great and there plenty of things to do all-year-around. Threa also plenty of great accomodation and dining options

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