January is the coldest month of the year. Still there are periods with uninterrupted sunny days and clear skies. The weather is very good for outdoor activities, excursions and for enjoying the nature.

Limassol weather in January. Enjoy sky and sunshine at the same time
Snow and ski at Troodos. Photo taken on January.

At Limassol you can experience the diversified winter temperatures of Cyprus. At the coast of Limassol the daytime temperature is 10-20 °C and at Troodos mountain the temperature is below 10 °C and snow-covered mountains mountain range.

1. Average weather in January

  • Generally: Both sunny and cloudy/rainy days. 50/50
  • Day temperature: 10-20 °C
  • Night temperature: 2-12 °C
  • Sun: 15 sunny days. 
  • Rain: 7-8 rainy days. Rains for a few hours.
  • Clouds: 7-8 cloudy days.
  • Swimming: Water temperature 18-20 °C
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 16:45
Nice weather at Omodos in January Winter season
Limassol weather in January

2. Limassol temperature in January

During the day the temperature is 12-22 °C. However, if your walking or sitting at the sun it feels much warmer. At night the temperature drops to 2-12 °C. The chance of rain is less that 30%. On average there are 7-8 rainy days in January. The sun sets at 16:45. On average, the daylight hours in January are 10 hours.

Ship watching near Limassol Port. Photo taken in January at Limassol Promanade
Typical January weather at Limassol Promanade (Molos)

3. What to wear in January

In January you will need light winter clothes. During daytime you will need a pullover or a light jacket. When you are sitting in the sun usually a T-shirt and sunglasses. At night time, you will not need a jacket.

Below are a few photos from Limassol in January to help you get a better idea of the weather and see what type of clothes people wear. You can also follow us on Google or Facebook for more photos.

Winter day with low temperature at Limassol. Taken at Limassol on January 2016
Winter day with low temperature. Photo taken at Limassol on January 2016
Great weather at Limassol for fishing
Limassol next to the sea. Picture taken on January at Limassol

4. Going to the beach

The seawater temperature is 17-18 °C and swimming in the sea is not that comfortable. You can of course lie in the beach and enjoy the view but generally January is not the time to enjoy the beach. It is much better to visit the villages at Troodos mountains and the explore the countryside.

Swimming at the beach in Limassol during January.
Sunny day but with low temperature. At the coast of Limassol in January
Walking at the beach in Limassol on a fine January day
Walking at the beach in Limassol on a fine January day

5. Limassol things to do in January

Visit Troodos mountains, Omodos, Koureion, Limassol wine Routes, Lofou.

Troodos mountains in January
Troodos mountains in January
Roller skating at Limassol Molos on January morning with good weather
Roller skating at Limassol Promanade. Partly cloudy weawther. January, Limassol, Cyprus

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