Cyprus weather in May is sunny with daytime temperatures of 24-34 °C. May is one of the best months for visit Cyprus. The weather is nice and warm but without the excess heat of the summer.

What to wear during your holidays at Paphos on May

The weather in May is great for swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, exploring the countryside and enjoying your favorite sports.

1. Average weather in May

  • May weather: Sunny and warm!
  • Sunny days: 95% of the days will be sunny. 
  • Rain: On average 2-3 rainy days.
  • Day Temperature: 24-34 °C
  • Swimming: Water temperature 20-23 °C
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 19:45
  • Other: Sand from Sahara often reaches Cyprus and stays in the atmosphere for 2-3 days.

2. Cyprus temperature in May

At the coasts of Cyprus the temperature is 24-34 °C during the day and it drops to 15-24°C at night. The chance of rain or clouds is less that 5%. The sun sets at 19:45. The weather at Troodos mountains is a bit colder with temperatures of 15-25 °C and 5-6 rainy days in May.

May temperature in Cyprus and average monthly temperature of the year - source Cyprus weather
Figure: Average temperature during daytime. In May the average daytime temperature is 25 °C

3. What clothes to wear in May

You will mostly use your summer clothes. At day time you will probably wear shorts, t-shirt, swimming suit etc. You should also have a sweater and a pair of pants for the night or in case the weather turns a bit cooler than normal. Below are a few photos and videos taken during May so that you can get a better idea of the weather and what most people wear.

Fine weather at Cyprus during May. Dining at Paphos, Cyprus
Kids mountain bike race. Sunny weather. Photo taken on May at Limassol
Limassol Weather in May is great for outdoor sports
Kids mountain bike race. Sunny weather. Photo taken on May at Limassol
Paphos weather in May 4th at Kato Paphos
Kato Paphos. Sunny weather. Photo taken on May

4. Sleeping at night

For sleeping you do not need to use the A/C or have the windows open. The room temperature is comfortable and a piece of sheet is enough. Mosquitoes will not bother you in May.

5. Going to the beach

The sea water temperature depends on your destination. In the south coasts of Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa the waters are shallower and warmer with temperatures of 21-25 °C in May. The west cost of Paphos and northern coasts of Latchi have colder waters with temperatures of 19-22 °C in May.

Paphos weather in May is getting nice for a sea Cruise
Boat trip from Paphos harbor. Photo taken on May at Paphos

6. Things to do in May

Summer activities on the beach are also good in May. Sun is hot and the water is OK, so you can certainly sunbath and swim. Water parks open at the beginning of May.  Also in May many outdoor beach restaurant and bars that were closed for winter begin to open their doors to visitors.

At the beginning of May it is still not hot and the countysite is still green. Thus, it is a time to enjoy nature, explore the countryside, visit the archeological sites and have a walk along one of the many nature paths. While hiking in the countryside be careful though of snakes since May is their mating season which means you might see more of them out looking for a pair.

In the evening, there are events at all cities. Those events are usually organised be the local municipalities and the theme is the tradition of the island. So, not miss the chance to spend great time outdoor trying different local wines and watch traditional dance and theater performances.

The weather in May and things to do by City:

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