In June the weather in Paphos is sunny and quite warm. June temperature is around 33°C during daytime and around 25°C during daytime. The perfect weather for sun holidays.

Holiday hotel at Paphos in June

June weather is great for relaxing at the beach, enjoying good food and cold drinks. It is also possible to compliment a relaxing holiday with sightseeing and tours to the vine villages of Paphos.

1. Average weather in June

June weather: Sunny and very hot!
Sunny days: 100% sunny weather. 
Day Temperature: 28-38 °C
Swimming: Water temperature 22-26 °C
Sunset: The sun sets at 20:15

2. Paphos temperature in June

During the day the temperature is 28-38 °C and it drops to 18-28 at night. The sun sets at 20:15. The weather at Troodos mountains is a bit colder with temperatures of 15-25 °C

Paphos temperature in June
Blue Lagoon at Akamas peninsula. Sunny weather with warm temperature at Paphos in June.

3. Clothes for Paphos in June

You will mostly use your summer clothes. At day time you will probably wear shorts, t-shirt, swimming suit etc. You will not need any warm outfit such as sweaters or long sleeve shirts. Sunglasses and sunblock is necessary for the beach. Below are a few photos taken during June so that you can get a better idea of June weather and what people wear.

Paphos weather in June
Coffee shops at Paphos harbour. Paphos weather in June
Wedding on a sunny June afternoon at Paphos, Cyprus
Wedding on a sunny June afternoon at Paphos, Cyprus
Paphos weather in June
Cyprus solar car challenge. Sunny weather. Photo taken in June at Neapolis University, Paphos

4. Sleeping at night

For sleeping you do not need to use the A/C or have the windows open. The room temperature is comfortable and a piece of sheet is enough. Mosquitoes can be a problem in June. Your accommodation should have a mosquito repellent device, if not make your you ask for one because you will most likely need it unless you use the Air Conditioning.

5. Going to the beach

The sea water temperature at Paphos is 22-26 °C in June, which a great temperature for cooling you down during a hot day.

Paphos beaches in June
Geroskipou beach (La Playa, Rikkos). Photo taken on June at Riccos beach, Paphos, Cyprus
Paphos weather in June. Great weather for swimming at Coral Bay
Coral Bay (Marvros beach). Next to the main Coral bay beach. Photo taken on June

6. Paphos things to do in June

Enjoy the beach. Sunbathing and swimming. The sea is already comfortable for swimming with temperatures about 24°C.
June is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and many other beach and water activities from sailing to scuba diving. Visit also one of the water parks that are located in Limassol, Paphos and Agia Napa areas.

If you decide to explore the archeological sites, then do it early in the morning or in late afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day.

If the summer heat makes you tired, try visiting the Troodos mountain where cooler weather makes it perfect for hiking or simply relaxing.

There are also different cultural events that take place every year in June, for example Shakespearean nights at the ancient Kourion theater in Limassol area.

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