In February, the weather in Paphos is moderate winter weather. There are both sunny days and rainy/cloudy days. About, half the days of February are dry and sunny.

Paphos weather in February is great for cycling at Peyeia forest
Cycling to Peyeia Forest. Sunny February day at Paphos

Although for many European visitors the climate seems mild and comfortable, Cypriots consider February a very cold month that usually hides many surprises such as a lot of snow mainly in the Troodos mountain range. February is the second rainiest month of the year. However it is not rare to experience prolonged periods of amble sunshine and clear skies that run for days.

1. Average weather in February

  • Generally: Rain and sun! 50/50!
  • Day Temperature: 13-23 °C
  • Night Temperature: 5-13 °C
  • Sun: 23-24 sunny days.
  • Rain: 6-8 rainy days. Rains for a few hours.
  • Clouds: -4 cloudy days.
  • Swimming: Water temperature 18-26 °C at Paphos
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 18:00
Paphos weather in February
Paphos weather in February

2. Paphos temperature in February

During the day the temperature is 25-35 °C and it drops to 15-25 at night. The chance of rain is less that 5%. The sun sets at 18:30. The weather at Troodos mountains is a bit colder with temperatures of 15-25 °C and 5-6 rainy days in February.

3. What clothes to wear in February

You will mostly use your summer clothes. At day time you will probably wear shorts, t-shirt, swimming suit etc. You should also have a sweater and a pair of pants for the night or in case the weather turns a bit cooler than normal. Sunglasses and sunblock is necessary for the beach. Below are a few photos I have taken during February so that you can get a better idea of the weather and what most people wear.

Cyprus weather during February and what clothes to wear
Sunny weather at Kato Paphos, Cypurs. Photo taken on February 20th at Paphos. Cyprus
Sunny weather at Paphos Cyprus. Fishing at Paphos harbour
Fishing at Paphos in February

4. Going to the beach

The sea water temperature at Paphos is 22-24 °C in February, which can be a bit cold for locals but Europeans and Russian tourists usually find it fine

Going to the beach in Paphos during February
Cloudy weather and height seas. Photo taken at Paphos in February

5. Paphos things to do in February

Enjoy the beach. Sunbathing and swimming.
Paphos wine festival

Paphos weather in February
View of Paphos wind farm from Asprokremmos Dam. Photo taken on February 6th.

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