In March the weather in Cyprus starts to get warmer and the holiday season begins. It is mostly sunny and temperature during daytime is above 20°C.

Sunny March weather at Cyprus

The sea temperature is still not that warm, however it is possible to sunbath and relax at the beach and it is perfect for sightseeing and discovering the countryside of Cyprus.

1. Average weather in March

  • Generally: Mostly sunny with a few cloudy days
  • Day temperature: 15-28 °C
  • Night temperature: 5-15 °C
  • Sun: 20-23 sunny days. 
  • Rain: 3-5 rainy days. Rains for a few hours.
  • Clouds: 4-6 cloudy days.
  • Swimming: Water temperature 18-20 °C
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 18:30

2. Cyprus temperature in March

Throughout March temperature at the coastal cities is between 15-28 °C during daytime and between 5-15  °C during night time. So, during the day it is typically sunny and warm and at night time the temperature drops and it gets cold. At the mountains of Troodos the temperature is about 10 degrees lower and generally cold.

March temperature in Cyprus and average monthly temperature of the year - source Cyprus weather
Figure: Average temperature during daytime. In March the average daytime temperature is 19 °C

3. What clothes to wear in March

You will need summer clothes for the day and light winter clothes for the night. At day time you will probably wear shorts, t-shirt, swimming suit etc. You should also have a sweater and a pair of pants for the night or in case the weather turns a bit cooler than normal. Below are a few photos I have taken during March so that you can get a better idea of the weather and what most people wear.

Donkey tour at the moutains of Paphos while enjoying a lovely March sunny weather.
Donkey tour at Diarizos valley. Sunny day. Photo taken on March 28th at Paphos.
Paphos weather in March
Cyprus weather and what to wear in March - Photo taken in March at PFO airport.
Sunny March weather in Cyprus
Sunny weather at Larnaca Airport. March is the beginning of the summer holiday season
Cyprus weather in March, Ayia Napa
Lovely sunny day in March. Photo taken in Famagusta area

In March you would expect the sun to be shining for more than an average of 10 hours a day.

4. Going to the beach

At Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa the waters temperatures is 18-20 °C in March. The west cost of Paphos and northern coasts of Latchi water temperature is of 17-19 °C. On a sunny day the sea is usually very calm during the morning and not crowded. Relaxing and enjoying the sun at the beach is something you should do and if you like the water temperature it is also nice to swim.

Cyprus beaches in March - Sunbathing near Aloe hotel at SODAP Beach, Paphos
Sunbathing at the beach near Aloe hotel. Photo taken on March 6th 2016
Sunny March weather at Cyprus
Sunny weather at the beach. Photo taken at 8th March at Paphos, Cyprus

5. Fresh local fruits of March



6. Things to do in March

The Mediterranean climate of Cyprus ensures a pleasant and warm March with the coming spring bringing the best out of everyone, people and nature itself. Although this part of spring does not last long enough to enjoy and hot and humid summers are just around the corner, you may find trips to the mountains as well as strolling across the local beaches to be an exhilarating experience for both body and mind as the weather in Cyprus during this part of the year is still relatively fresh. 

Many events are held during March of which the International Marathon in Limassol takes advantage of the perfect weather conditions for running long distances.  

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