Ayia Napa weather in June is absolutely awesome. During daytime, the temperature at the beach is around 35 °C and the change of clouds or rain is practically zero.

Ayia Napa weather in June

In June Ayia Napa is crowed by visitors and hotels are full of holiday makers. In June you will enjoy the white sandy beaches of Ayia Napa and the vibrant nightlife around Napa square.

1. Average weather in June

  • June weather: Sunny and hot!
  • Day temperature: 30-40 °C
  • Night temperature: 20-30 °C
  • Sun: 100% sunny. 
  • Swimming: Water temperature 24-26 °C
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 20:00
Ayia Napa weather in June
Vibrant night life and great weather at Ayia Napa in June

2. Ayia Napa temperature in June

Sunny weather and high temperature in the range of 30 to 40 °C during the day. At nighttime the temperature falls to 22-32°C and it can be cool and comfortable if there is a light breeze. Check the photo below. It is my thermometer is direct sunlight at the beach. You will easily record 38 °C

3. Clothes for Ayia Napa in June

During June you an easily pass by with a few T-shirts, a couple of shorts and  your swimming apparel. No need to brink and warm clothes like sweaters or long sleeve shirts. Also, the nightlife is so casual and you do not necessarily need to be fancy dressed or anything.

Ayia Napa weather in June and the crazy nightlife of Ayia Napa
Nightlife at Ayia Napa. June weather in hot even at nightlife
Ayia Napa weather in June
Bedrock bar at Ayia Napa. Warm weather hot night in June

4. Going to the beach in June

The sea water temperature depends on your destination. In the south coasts of Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa the waters are shallower and warmer with temperatures of 24-26 °C in June.

Ayia Napa weather and temperature in June
Ayia Napa waterpark.
Ayia Napa - Sunny weather at the beach in June
Sunny weather at Ayia Napa beach in June

6. Ayia Napa things to do in June

Among the things you can do during the summer at Ayia Napa is:

  • Relax at the beach (Napa Bay, Nissi beach, Konnos Beach ....)
  • Watersports
  • Visit the waterpark
  • Nightlife.....

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