September weather in Paphos is sunny and hot. It is not as hot as August but the temperature will always be above 30°C during daytime.

Paphos weather in September.

In September the sea is extremely calm and you can enjoy swimming at any time of the day. Also, it is less busy that Summer so it is nicer to visit museums and archaeological sights.

1. Average weather in September

  • September weather: Sunny!
  • Sunny days: 28 sunny days.
  • Rain:2-3 cloudy days.
  • Day Temperature: 27-37°C
  • Swimming: Water temperature 24-25°C
  • Sunset: Sun sets at 19:30

2. Paphos temperature in September

During the day the temperature is 27-37 °C and it drops to 17-27 °C at night. The chance of rain extremely low. The sun sets at 19:30. The weather at Paphos mountains is a bit cooler with temperatures of 15-25 °C and 1-2 rainy days in September.

3. What clothes to wear in September

At day time you need shorts, t-shirt, swimming suit etc. Sunglasses, hats and sunblock is necessary all day long. In the evening, you may wear pants, light long sleeve tops or shirt, however it is much more comfortable with shorts. Below are a few photos taken during September at Paphos so that you can get a better idea of the weather and what most people wear.

Paphos clothes to wear september
At Paphos castle in September
Paphos weather - Faros beach Paphos Cyprus
Paphos weather - Faros beach Paphos Cyprus

4. Sleeping at night

September evening are almost as hot as summer. A/C usually required at night. By using the A/C you also avoid the mosquitoes which can be a problem if you just leave the windows open and not use the A/C.

5. Going to the beach

 In September the beach is great. The sea is very calm and warm. Personally I find September the best month for enjoying the sea. The photos below are from a few of the less know beached in Paphos.

Nive weather at Vardas beach Kissonerga in September
Nice weather at Vardas beach Kissonerga in September
Faros beach in Paphos Cyprus with nice September weather
Faros beach in Paphos Cyprus with nice September weather
Petra tou Romiou in September, Paphos Cyprus
Petra tou Romiou, The birth place of Aphrodite Paphos Cyprus

5. Paphos things to do in September

Summer activities on the beach are also good in September. Sun is still hot and water is warm so you can keep sunbathing and swimming. Waterparks are a fun option for kids. You can alos plan for Jeep Safaris Akamas area, excursions to Paphos wine routes, sightseeing and much more. around the island for early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun at its peak. Wine Festival that has started in the end of August continues in September so do not miss the chance to spend great time outdoor trying different local wines and traditional Cypriot food and watching dance and theater performances.

Nice weather at Paphos in September. Donkey ride at Paphos villages
Donkey ride at Paphos. Sunny weather, September, Paphos, Cyprus

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