July weather at Paphos is extremely warm and sunny. During daytime the temperature is above 35 °C and in some cases it can reach 40 °C. At night it drops around 27 °C.

July weather at the beach in Paphos

July at Paphos is quite crowded with many visitors arriving at Paphos from their Summer Holidays. During Summer, Paphos offers plenty of options for food and entertainment and it can satisfy all tastes. 

1. Average weather in July

  • July weather: Sunny and hot. Good for sun vacation!
  • Sunny days: 100% of the days will be sunny.
  • Rain: No rain
  • Day Temperature: 30-40 °C
  • Swimming: Water temperature 25 °C
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 20:30

2. Paphos temperature in July

During daytime the temperature is 29-39 °C and it drops to 22-29 °C at night. The sun sets at 20:30. July is one of the hottest months in Cyprus. At Paphos mountains it is a bit cooler but still warm enough with the temperature above 28°C. The main heat of the day is from 12 am till 4 pm. If you have a thermometer below the sun during that time it will record about 50°C. However, the night is much cooler with average temperaure of 25°C.

Paphos temperature July

3. What to wear in July

You will only need your summer clothes. At day time you will probably dress for the beach (swimming suit, t-shirt, sandals and hat). For the night you can have a pair of pants or a dress for the night out. However, you can still dress casual, with shorts and sadals as many holiday makers will choose for the more casual dressing even for 5-star dining. Below are a few photos we have taken during July. Sunglasses and sun cream are necessary all day long abd remeber to drink lots of water.

Clothes to weather in Paphos/Cyprus in July
Kato Paphos Harbor. Sunny afternoon. Photo taken in July at Paphos, Cyprus.
Paphos weather in July and what to wear
Afternoon at Kato Paphos weather. Photo taken in July
Clothes to wear at Paphos in July

4. Going to the beach in July

The sea water temperature at Paphos is 24-26 °C. The water is neither warm not cold. It is cool and refreshing. We highly advice you to stay under the umbrella at least from 11am to 5 pm. Use lots of sun-cream and do not get too much exposure to the sun in the first days of you holiday. Take it slowly and you will have a nice tan without the painfull buring of the skin.

Kato Paphos SODAP beach in July
Kato Paphos SODAP beach in July
Atlantida Beach in Paphos, Cyprus
Atlantida Beach. Sunny weather. Photo taken at Paphos in July

5. Sleeping at night

For sleeping you will defenetly need Air-conditioning. Air-conditioning also keeps mosquitoes away so have in mind that if you do not want to use the A/C and you will have the windows open you would will have to get a mosquito repellent machine from the supermarket.

6. Paphos things to do in July

July is the time to enjoy the sea and your hotel swimming pool. You can visit the beach from early morning to late afaternoon. Sunbathing, swimming, watersports. Try paragliding, kiteboarding or scuba diving

Kato Paphos area next to Annabelle hotel

Regarding sight seeing do not miss to visit Paphos archeological Park. It is beeter to do this early morning or late afternoon when it is not very hot. July is also the month for celebrations in honor of the famous Cypriot wine Koumandaria. Also the Ancient Greek Drama Festival takes place in July and August in Limassol, Paphos and Nicosia.

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