August is the hottest month of the year. At limassol, daytime temperatures exceeds 35°C and it is always sunny with clear skies. Seawater temperature is 25°C.

Limassol Marina in August

August is also the busiest month with tourist arriving to Limassol from all over the world. The beaches are full of holiday makers who enjoy the warm weather and the vibrant atmosphere of Limassol.

1. Average weather in August

  • Generally: Sunny and warm.
  • Day Temperature: 31-41°C
  • Night Temperature: 22-32°C
  • Sun: 100% sunny days.
  • Clouds:Generally clear skies.
  • Sea temperature: 24-28 °C
  • Sunset: Sun sets at 20:15

2. Limassol temperature in August

On the mountain areas of Limassol near Troodos mountain it is slightly cooler with average temperatures of 28°C. In August nights are a little warmer than in July with temperatures of 21°C on the west coast, 23°C on the eastern-south coast and 22°C inland. The minimum temperature for the mountains is 18°C. Like in June and July it almost never rains in August. The sea is the warmest in this month reaching its maximum of 28°C.

Limassol weather in August
Koureio to Avdimou. Hot day with A/C on. Photo taken in August at Avdimou, Limassol

3. Clothes to wear at Limassol in August

Recommended clothes are very light weight summer clothing. It is always a wise idea to use sun protection, such as hats, sunscreen and sunglasses. Have plenty of sun cream with you as well as a bottle of water.

Limassol weather in August
Beach club at sunset. Fine August weather at Limassol, Cyprus

 4. Going to the beach Limassol

At the beach in Limassol - August
At the beach in Limassol - August

5. Limassol things to do in August

Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, try many of the watersports that almost every beach has to offer or spend the whole day at one of the water parks in Cyprus.

Early morning or late afternoon excursions to historical places or archaeological sites.

Limassol wive festival. Cyprus Annual Wine Festival takes place in Limassol. The Wine Festival is a great opportunity to taste all the different wines that Cypriot wineries have to offer.

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