In June summer arrives in Cyprus. Temperatures continue to rise but do not reach their highest until July and August. The evenings in June, especially in the beginning of the month could still be a little chilly with temperatures reaching 18°C on the west coast, 20°C on the eastern-south coast and 19°C inland.

Cyprus weather in June

As expected it is colder on the mountains at night with average temperatures of 15°C. Rain in June is considered rather unusual. 

1. Average weather in June

  • Generally: Both sunny and cloudy/rainy days. 50/50
  • Day temperature: 15-25 °C
  • Night temperature: 5-15 °C
  • Sun: 15 sunny days. 
  • Rain: 7-8 rainy days. Rains for a few hours.
  • Clouds: 7-8 cloudy days.
  • Swimming: Water temperature 18-20 °C
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 17:30

2. Larnaca temperature in June

During the day the temperature is 15-25 °C. The mild temperatures of daytime should not trick you, though, since nights are cold and the temperature drops to 8-15 °C.  On average, there are 7-8 rainy days in January. Periods of disturbed weather can last from one to three days in a row. The sun sets at 17:00. By midday temperature climbs up to 28°C on the west coast, 30°C-31°C on the eastern-south coast and might soar towards 34°C inland. On the mountains it is pleasantly cooler with average maximum temperature of 25°C.

Mackenzie beach in June
Fine evening at Mackenzie beach, Larnaca, June

3. What to wear in June

You will mostly use light winter clothes. Next there are a few photos taken during June at Larnaca so that you can get a better idea of the weather and what most people wear.

Larnaca weather in June
Larnaca Mosque. Sunny weather. Photo taken on June 25th
Larnaca weather in June and what people wear
Finikoudes beach and the castel of Larnaca. Fine June weather

4. Going to the beach

The sea is already comfortable for swimming with temperatures about 24°C.


Mackenzie beach Larnaca - Cyprus weather June
Mackenzie beach Larnaca - Cyprus weather June

5. Things to do in Larnaca on June

Halal Soultan tekek, beach walk, villages of Skarinou Lefkara, Choirokitia


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