Cyprus weather in January is mild winter weather with both sunny and rainy days. The average daytime temperature is 17 °C. Some days will be unexpectedly warm and good for sunbathing while some other days will be very cold with storms and even snow at the mountains.

Cyprus weather in January at Paphos
Kato Paphos harbor. Sunny January day

January is the coldest month with diversified temperatures across the various regions of Cyprus. January is the time to experience the unique climate of Cyprus. In a less than 40 minutes drive you can go from the sunny coasts (temperature up to 20-25 °C) to the snow covered mountains of Troodos (with temperature -5 to 10°C).

1. Average weather in January

  • Generally: Both sunny and cloudy/rainy days. 50/50
  • Day temperature: 10-23 °C
  • Night temperature: 0-13 °C
  • Sun: 14-16 sunny days. 
  • Rain: 8-9 rainy days. Rains for a few hours.
  • Clouds: 7-8 cloudy days.
  • Swimming: Water temperature 16-18 °C
  • Sunset: The sun sets at 17:00
Cyprus weather in January and January clothes to wear
Sunny weather. Hot sun and T-shirts. Taken on 6th January at Paphos, Cyprus

2. Cyprus temperature in January

At the coasts of Cyprus the temperature is 10-23 °C during daytime and it droops to 0-13 °C at night. There are however, unexpectedly warm days with temperature well above 25 °C. On average there are 14-16 sunny days at the coastal towns of Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa. The weather at Troodos mountains and Nicosia is a bit colder with temperatures of 5-15°C at daytime and -5 to 10 °C at night with a bit of snow. The sun sets at 17:00.

January temperature in Cyprus and average monthly temperature of the year - source Cyprus weather
Figure: In January the average daytime temperature is 17 °C

3. What clothes to wear in January

On January, you will mostly use light winter clothes. You should have jeans/pants, pullovers, and a warm jacket for the night time. You do not need to bring your heavy coat. You will also need, a couple of T-shirts and shorts for the sunny days. It does not rain too much in Cyprus but is nice to have an umbrella for those rainy days. Check the photos below to get a better idea about the weather and the clothes people wear in January.

Cyprus weather in January. Snow and ski at Troodos mountains
Snow and ski at Troodos mountains. January
Cyprus weather in January and what to wear
Paphos Harbour. Sunny January weather.
January in Cyprus. People at Eleftherias square in Nicosia
Cold January day. Photo taken at Nicosia, Cyprus

4. Going to the beach in January

The sea water temperature depends on your destination. In the south coasts of Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa the waters are shallower and warmer with temperatures of 17-18 °C in January. The west cost of Paphos and the northern coasts of Cyprus the water is a bit colder, 16-17 °C.

Cyprus weather in January. Swimming at Kato Paphos in January
Paphos Mpania. Sunny winter day. Photo taken in January near Paphos harbour
Palm tree beach in a cold January day. Nature of Cyprus in winter
Cloudy day at Palm tree beach at Larnaca, Cyprus

5. Fresh local fruits of January

Winter is citrus season in Cyprus. You will find fresh and cheap oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, polema etc. You can buy fruits at big supermarket, at small fruit shops and the Saturday street market (ask the locals) 

Fruits of the winter season you can find in Cyprus
January is at the hard of the citrus fruit season of Cyprus

6. Things to do in January

Things to do in January include skiing at Troodos mountains (if there is snow), wine tasting along the wine routes of Paphos and Limassol, Jeep safari at Akamas or Troodos mountains, sightseeing (ancients sights and churches of the Byzantine times).

Cyprus ski - Sky at Troodos mountains
Ski tracks in Cyprus - Sky at Troodos mountains

Wine tasting

Wine tasting in Cyprus during winter holidays - January in Cyprus
Winter wine tasting in Cyprus

Jeep Safari

Cyprus things to do in January - Winter Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari in Cyprus

 Sunbathing and swimming.

Sun and sunbathing at Cyprus in January
Lovely, sunny day at Paphos, Cyprus in January

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